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We at Swell recognise the influence of cost when choosing to advance in a business venture. Because of our customised and collaborative approach to web development, pricing will vary depending on the range of services we provide. As an independent agency ourselves, keeping our prices fair and affordable is a passion, and we assure any potential client that our services are cost-effective and competitive within the market.

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We offer a large digital catalogue, for new clients to gain access to these extended services we interlay a starter project to act as your digital home base. Below you’ll find our foundation products to introduce your business into Swells collaborative space.


Website Design & Development 

As the digital world continues to grow, there is an increasing requirement for businesses to create an online presence. We at Swell offer a full-circle approach to website design and development. From websites to marketing campaigns, our phrase ‘create something unique’ is at the forefront of our design strategy. Creating custom websites to fulfil your commercial vision is our passion; producing simple brand, booking and subscription and eCommerce sites.


Branding & Marketing

At Swell, we work with clients in a collaborative environment to understand and develop their brand’s message and enhance their commercial objectives. With experience in logo development, visual design and advertising, and an understanding for marketing in a small to larger scale capacity, we aim to amplify the reach and marketing efficiency of our partnered businesses.



With an aptitude for integrating retail management systems (RMS) and speed optimisation, Swell Media Group specialises in eCommerce sites. Through a proficiency for creating a speed efficient, easy to use omnichannel web experience for business owners and customers, we assure clients of an effective channel for sales.



Discovery & Planning

After our preliminary discussion, we hone in on your business and project objectives, and create a growth strategy personalised for your needs. Evaluating your target audience and commercial goals, and examining any concerns with your current branding, we generate a digital blueprint tailored to your brand’s vision. 



Following our discovery and planning phase, we refine and prepare an outline proposal, based on your business objectives and aims. Containing the range of work provided in the project, anticipated timeline and price estimate and deposit details, our proposal will be sent via email.



Upon the deposit payment, your digital blueprint and design concepts will come to fruition. Drawn from the initial discovery and planning phase, we will deliver the established scope of concepts by the arranged delivery date. Once you have reviewed our proposed digital concept, we will ask for your feedback before further development.



Making any suggested alterations after receiving your feedback, we polish and refine the development of your website.



We then present the completed web design concept to you, and ask for any additional feedback as an opportunity to make any final modifications before we launch your digital concept. Once you are satisfied with the end result, we will publish your website, which will then be accessible to public and amplify your online business presence.




Our mission is to help businesses lift off or take the next big step to establish themselves across digital platforms. We have a love for all business sizes, whether you’re just starting up or already have a powerhouse PR & marketing team behind you, Swell will act as a support system to help you grow.



Swell has already taken the first steps to establish itself as one of Australia’s fastest-growing website design & development agencies. Collaborating with over 100 clients cohesively across numerous projects, we’ve helped simplify digital marketing, website management and creative processes. Our future entails continued promotion, growth and energetic new-aged projects for our clients.



New aged media — Uniqueness — Minimalism — Consistency — Growth



Our Team

Get to know our dream team


Darien Hage

Web Developer

Featuring our first graphic print created for local surf store Ep Surf.

Having six years of experience within the digital media industry, I have helped launch and revitalise a variety of businesses across Australia. Without realising, I stepped into my dream job quite early, however, hindsight tells me this was my domain since I was a young one changing desktop backgrounds (with or without permission). After basing myself at Brisbane’s fashion company Sabo Skirt for work experience, I launched Swell to bring a touch of the boutique digital market I learnt in the big smoke to my surf loving coastal town. Unexpectedly tapping into a highly demanded market Swell became much more than just me. Quickly gathering my dream team, it was all hands on deck to start the outline for a new creative process; discovering, planning, proposing, concepts, development, and finalisation.



Koby Bates

Brand Director

I fell in love with photography in the dark room at high school and have been lucky enough to further my creative journey completing a graphic design degree and stepping into the industry shortly after. From corporate, freelancing and agency work I have had over 12 years experience in different genres of design. My niche is: homemade, handcrafted and wholehearted.

“If you’ve ever purchased something from fashion cult store Sabo Skirt you were most likely rocking one of Koby Bate’s graphic print designs. But, creating bold prints is not the only thing on her (very full) plate. Koby runs her own online store brimming with hand-crafted goodies, is a killer photographer and still manages to stay on top of all her freelancing gigs like a hashtag girlboss.” by Collective Hub



Leia Hage

Graphic Designer


Scout Smith

Copywrite Creator


Georgia Dickie

Content Creator


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